Casino Connect Suite

Casino Connect is a series of products designed with casino operators’ needs in mind. Anything from calculating ratings, the pace of a specific table game, the value of a player to the house, or helping to track TITO tickets throughout the casino floor is possible with eConnect.

Prevents Employee/Player collusion by attaching video to each rating entered. Identifies concurrent ratings and other anomalous behavior.

Helps meet Title 31 requirements and provides real-time alerts of suspicious activity. Connects with existing surveillance systems.

Uses smart shoe and ratings data to review locations and money wagered on bets. Can personalize house edge for individuals and more.

Enables calculation of player value from their first rating to the present. Flags play outliers to ensure behavior is within statistical norms.

Determines optimal turnover for table games and sends alerts if tables are slow or inactive. Lets you know when to increase minimum or maximum bets.

Integrates with electronic shoes. Combines card recognition with analytics to determine dealer error, pair probability and game outcome.

Calculates house/player edge by combining card data with analytics. Alerts operators to increased player advantage.