CasinoConnect Suite

CasinoConnect offers a suite of comprehensive casino management and surveillance products designed with casino operators’ needs in mind.

Utilizing proven casino fraud detection methods like calculating ratings, marking the pace of a specific table game, calculating the value of a player to the house, or helping to track TITO tickets throughout the casino floor - all combined with your existing casino video surveillance system - CasinoConnect helps operators optimize the floor while preventing and detecting money laundering, voucher theft, and other methods of casino theft or fraud.

Whether you’re searching for solutions for table games optimization, gaming analytics, or simply anti-cheating strategies, our CasinoConnect suite is designed to enhance your surveillance capabilities and minimize casino cheating from each and every player who walks through your door.


Face Matching

Our leading-edge Face Matching technology provides the most sophisticated solution to stay in compliance and reward valued guests.

Introducing BetRecognition

New to our CasinoConnect solution, BetRecognition uses the latest technology to provide precise, real-time information on the amounts bet, the pace of play and the percentage of player participation.

Prevent Employee/Player collusion, error, or fraud by associating video to each rating entered. Identifies concurrent ratings and other anomalous behavior to detect casino employee fraud, improve player tracking and better monitor for signs of theft.

Helps meet Title 31 requirements and provides real-time alerts of suspicious activity among TITO tickets to identify slot machine scams. Connects with existing surveillance systems to more easily identify and track potential TITO fraud throughout your casino.

Uses smart shoe and ratings data to review locations and money wagered on bets. Can personalize house edge for individual casino players to improve player rating and monitoring, as well as minimize casino player fraud.

Enables calculation of player value from their first rating to the present. Flags play outliers to ensure behavior is within statistical norms for specific casino player ratings to help minimize casino player fraud.

Determines optimal turnover for table games and sends alerts if tables are slow or inactive. Lets you know when to increase minimum or maximum bets or when to open or close tables with precision and accuracy in real-time.

Integrates electronic shoe and surveillance data to help stop player card counting and advantage play. As your baccarat eye in the sky, this solution combines card recognition with analytics to determine dealer error, pair probability and game outcome.

Blackjack monitoring calculates house/player edge by combining card data with blackjack trend analysis. Monitors electronic shoe data and alerts operators to increased player advantage to help stop player card counting in real time.