Case Studies

Casino and Hospitality Applications of eConnect Solutions


Gaming Operators, racetrack owners, and amusement park operators may run different kinds of businesses, but all three face similar threats when it comes to fraud.

From straight fraud committed by cheaters to backroom theft by employees exploiting weaknesses in the system, opportunities for fraud and theft exist at many points along the line that can do serious, long-term damage to your operation’s profitability.

But even with the best, most modern tactics at your disposal, stopping these kinds of fraud events can be particularly difficult – especially as new and more covert methods of fraud become more well known. For many operators, however, an accurate overview of how these fraud events have been stopped in the past can be critical to ending this kind of fraud in real-time.

Our collection of Case Studies illustrate how other major players in the casino, racetrack, and amusement spaces have utilized surveillance systems and analytics to minimize betting and casino scams, stop POS fraud, and maximize loss prevention throughout their operations. Take a look and get ready to get in front of fraud before it hits your bottom line.

Case Study Snapshots

See how eConnect has helped these businesses in our case study snapshots. Click on the images below to view the documents right in your browser.