Bet Sessions

Understand Player Behavior

eConnect Bet Sessions is a module in combination with a smart shoe and ratings, which allows the reviewer of that bet session to concentrate on the location & money being wagered. An algorithm is then run against this data to determine a number of outcomes such as statistical likelihood of win/loss, indications of first card knowledge, personalized house advantage for that Patron for that session, indication of play preferences, and real value of the player. What was once fragmented across multiple systems and departments is now combined into a single, easy to use, interface.

Industry Problem

bet sess 2The industry has no idea how their patrons actually play. The ratings of a player are, at best, a guess by the casino hosts or Table Games staff; and yet a patron’s value is dependent on the accuracy of this data. Rebate and reward programs may lose the casino money due to inaccuracies in how that particular patron was rated,when such inaccuracies are inevitable in the systems used.

How the problem is solved eConnect Bet Sessions enhances existing ratings data by using electronic shoe game results and surveillance video. This allows the operator to enter the actual player bets associated with the player’s profile.

  • Shows the result of the game associated with the time frame when entering in playback mode
  • Shows house advantage on
    • Individual Locations
    • Side bet probability
    • Specific betting session
  • After the information is entered, a detailed player bet session report is generated for the time frame examined
  • The report shows trends of a player
  • This data can be extrapolated into future predictions.

bet sess 4The Benefit

  • By fixing the accuracy of the player’s data, the player’s value and rebate/reward programs will become more precise.
  • Minimized risk of fraud or theft since Bet Sessions identifies:
    • if the win or loss from bet sessions is within statistical norms
    • if the player appears to play first card advantage (baccarat)
    • Helps to get a profile of the player