Baccarat Analyzer™

Comprehensive Analysis and Monitoring

Assists the casino operator in running an improved Baccarat game by working with US Playing Card’s “Bee”, Angel Eye and Shuffle Master electronic card shoes. The system interfaces with the intelligent shoe as well as the existing surveillance system to aggregate the data from the game with the surveillance cameras observing the game. Dragon Baccarat takes game protection to the highest level possible, ensuring the integrity of the game, the dealers & the cards. This module is easy to deploy, support and maintain, while delivering an aggressive return on investment. The tool was designed to automate game protection by monitoring 100% of your Baccarat games, requiring less labor compared to the manual process.

Industry Problem

The game of Baccarat has made a big comeback in the last few years and that is a great thing for casino operators. The downside to big play and large amounts of revenue is the increased scams, collusion and advantage play that come along with it.

Problem 1: The outcome of a Baccarat game can be changed easily by a dealer who simply deals the cards out of
order either by error or by a lack of training. Either way it will cause the house to lose more money.baccarat

Problem 2: With the new side bets taking hold in casinos across the country, there are more advantage players
finding ways to beat the games and this has become a known problem industry wide.

Problem 3: The 3rd card rule is a procedure that is misunderstood by many new dealers and many times it goes
unnoticed, causing the outcome of the game to change and losses to the casino.

Problem 4: Card Overdraw is one of the most common mistakes made by dealers, which causes game issues and
also negative game outcomes.

Problem 5: Illegal or fraudulent cards get inserted into games and many times they go unnoticed until it is too late.

Problem 6: Casino operators do not have a great method for analyzing Baccarat game results.


How The Problem Is Solved

  • eConnect™ installs a single windows based server and integrates with the intelligent card shoe, allowing them to see all cards which are dealt from the shoe. This gives them 100% accuracy on card suit identification.
  • eConnect™ deploys an IP based integration to all major surveillance systems or will provide the customer with the right surveillance equipment.
  • The Casino Connect™ software will synchronize the card-shoe data with the surveillance cameras Bet Sessionsgiving the business operator a tool to proactively monitor for misdealing, pair probability, deck slugging, shoe errors and more.
  • Casino Connect™ Custom Query Builder and Behavioral Intelligence Modules will allow the operator to see historical events so nothing is missed. This is especially important on busy weekends and holidays where priorities may be focused on other areas.
  • Casino Connect™ Case Manager allows operators to isolate any card counting activity and export the data and video, which can be used to share with the surveillance networks to stop the individuals from hitting other gaming operators. The exports can also be admitted in court in cases of dealer fraud.


The Benefit

  • Increases casino hold/profitability.
  • Decreases investigation and monitoring time on Baccarat.
  • Increases productivity of surveillance room and staff.
  • Allows one person to perpetually watch all Baccarat tables at the same time