AI Helps Put The “Happy” In Your VIPs’ Holidays

‘Tis the season for fun and festivities, and for many high-rollers and vacationers that may mean getting into the holiday spirit by enjoying some much-needed time on the gaming floor.

With so many entertainment options vying for attention this time of year, what makes a gaming operation stand out is the way it treats its most valuable players.

What better time than the holidays to show how much you care? Artificial Intelligence can help make that process simple and efficient.

By combining the advanced intelligence of AI with the security of video surveillance, operators can obtain unprecedented levels of awareness around when VIPs enter the building, play games, and make purchases – helping you to make their holidays that much more merry without ever missing a beat.

Using AI and Video To Spot VIPs

Advances in facial recognition technology, player ratings, and bet tracking can help quickly and easily distinguish which players are true VIPs – and which players may be less-the-ideal to keep around.

Welcoming Back Those High Rollers

Most gaming operators know that keeping VIPs coming back for more can be a key source of revenue. Catering to these known individuals is key to winning their loyalty, and small acts of appreciation can help make your casino or gaming operation stand out in their eyes ahead of the competition.

With advanced facial recognition technology, operators can be quickly and efficiently alerted to a predetermined VIP walking through the door. This can help keep operators informed any time a known high-roller or their associates are on the premises, drastically decreasing response time and increasing the opportunities to provide excellent customer service.

AI can also help track VIPs across the gaming floor, and can monitor all games played and purchases made by that VIP to better inform customer service decisions for the operator on a real-time basis.

From an administrative perspective, AI can also help determine a more holistic cost/benefit analysis when it comes to providing VIPs with perks, bonuses, and free items compared to their historical spending patterns. This can help operators identify just the right level of service to offer to impress a VIP without the risk of overspending.

Identifying New Faces on the VIP Scene

While the value in previously-identified VIPs may be apparent to most gaming operators, the busy holiday season may bring in an entirely new round of faces and players with whom your gaming operation has no existing relationship.

AI can help identify the most valuable new faces from a long-term perspective, helping operators provide better service to those patrons most likely to represent higher revenue sources in the future.

Tracking players through their gaming and purchasing habits as they move about your casino and obtaining a broader picture of their spending can help identify VIPS in the making. This can help operators court these new VIPs quickly and efficiently, and could make the difference when it comes to their decision of whether or not to return time and time again.

Filtering Out Those Not-So-VIPs

When the focus is on identifying new VIPs, one major question may come to mind: how to pick out those with real value, and those forging that value?

Some players looking to cheat or game the system can appear like VIPS to the untrained eye – especially when working in tandem with an employee to commit fraud or theft undetected. AI can help identify and track these players, as well as compare their actions to statistical norms, to identify suspicious behaviors and keep a close watch.

A connected surveillance system can also identify which employees, if any, may be assisting cheats or fraudsters in beating the house unfairly, and can help provide proof to stop this behavior.

A Time To Give Back To Those Who Matter Most

The holidays are all about showing your most valuable players how much they mean – but staying on top of all that data can be challenging. AI can bridge that gap and help gaming operators provide a higher level of service faster, more efficiently, and to greater effect than ever before.

Don’t miss your chance to be Santa for your VIPS. Make this holiday season the most magical one yet and they’ll come back in the new year looking for more. Get in touch and learn more about our AI technology for casinos and gaming operations today – and have a happy holiday season!

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